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Are You Addicted to Technology? Take a Break and Enjoy Life!

Do you always have your cell phone or PDA always within your reach? Do you check your email the minute you get up in the morning? Is the first thing you do when a movie is over is check your phone for missed calls? How did we ever survive without all the technology we have today? Believe it or not, life was a lot more relaxed and peaceful before we became surrounded by technology.

The introduction of so much technology has changed our lives, and not always for the better. Yes, we can call someone quickly in case of emergency and we can contact faraway friends and family with a few clicks of a computer. But at what expense is all this convenience coming? Are you neglecting the important things in life because you are constantly connected to something? Maybe it is time to step back and take a look at just what you are missing.

If you wake up in the morning, turn on the television and sit down to check your email at the computer, you are missing out. Did you see the beautiful sunrise or hear the birds singing in the trees? Did you hear the cheerful chatter of children as they eat their breakfast around you? For one day start your day without any interference from electronic devices and see if you can feel the difference in your life. Do you feel more at peace and relaxed for a moment? Perhaps make it a habit to reserve a couple of days a week for a family breakfast without interruption. Not only will you feel more peace, but your family life will benefit as well.

Do you drive to work with a cell phone conversation going on? Yes, making use of your commute time to do business over the phone could be considered good time management. But how do you feel when you arrive at work? Are you already stressed before the day starts? Try turning off your phone during your commute and listen to uplifting music or a book on CD instead. In fact, use that time to listen to motivational CD's that will give you inspiration for improving you business. You will find that your day will be more productive and fulfilling if you spend some time enriching your mind on your way to work.


Do you stay up late, surfing the internet? If you are taking away from your sleeping time to be on the computer your health will suffer. Take a break or set up a computer schedule for you and your family. Many times you will find everyone in a family sitting on their individual computers at the same time. No one is talking or interacted with each other. Reclaim your family and spend time together playing board games or enjoying outdoor activities. You want your kids to have memories of fun times together, not of you sitting on the computer or talking on the phone all the time.

Technology is vital in today's world, but it doesn't need to dominate it. Find the balance in your life and make sure you put your family and your health before you gadgets.

Piper enjoys spending time with her family and researching her ancestry. She spends a lot of her time using her Epson scanner to make quality copies of her grandparents photos. She enjoys nature, reading and spending time with her family. She also teaches people how to go about using a 35mm slide converter in her spare time.

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Thursday, Aug. 13
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